Where to start?

At the beginning I suppose…

‘I think they’re incredibly self indulgent, I’ve literally never read one and never want to’ were the words that crossed my lips barely two weeks ago as I stood in a kitchen in Devon. ‘You haven’t read our blog then?’ said my friend. Awkward pause. ‘Er noo’ I said and that’s how it started…

Six months ago I booked a trip to Australia when my boyfriend dumped me and my best freind (flat mate and all round partner in absolutely everything) told me she was moving out of our home and going travelling to India to ‘find herself’…but I’ll get to that later.

I am of course writing this slightly retrospectively…(is it possible to be slightly retrospective?) mainly as predicted I could not get this to work and it lost my first draft and I have had to wait for a suitable moment to start all over again. But also who is going to read this? Who am I writing it for? That’s my problem with blogs who will be interested in my rhetoric ramblings? Being massively insecure I’m pretty sure no one will read it…should I just give up now?!

And so here you find me with my finger hanging over the ‘post’ button…to post or not to post?