Sleeping pills

Air crew don’t come to work to die…

This mantra kept me sane and I actually enjoyed my flight! Enjoyed it! Quite the shock. Emirates new and very space age big double decker was an absolute dream. What a big bastard! I was concerned if it would get off the ground and if Jennifer Aniston had found her shower but as I wasn’t allowed up to first class I never answered that question.

Being physically strapped to a chair and made to watch back to back movies whilst being constantly fed small packets of alarmingly tasty little treats was actually quite fun. The most stressful part of my trip was running through the the airport in Dubai still wearing my flight socks in about 40 degree heat. It’s harder to find your connection there than you’d think and I had a horrible moment where I could see the stairs I wanted to be on but couldn’t get to them, much like David Bowie in Labyrinth.

Movies I rated; We Are Friends (total surprise – really loved it  Zac Effron is a thing of pure perfection) Suite Francaise (wanted to see it for ages and glad I have now) and Amy (another surprise and very well edited). I’m sorry Helen Hunt I have no idea what happened to you in your surfer movie I just couldn’t concentrate or care enough by then to get to the end, the last three movies all a blur.

So I’d made it all the way to Adelaide, SA.