Moving on

Time to move on from the Island…

I booked a tour through a company called Aus-travel to spend three days travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne down the Great Ocean Road. Leaving at 6am in the morning. Done. I thought. 

It was only when the comfirmation  email came through and it said, The ‘Groovy Grape’ bus will collect you from the station…ah! 

Groovy Grape. The one company I’d been warned not to travel with by a fairly young friend, because they were a ‘young and lively’ company…

Oh shit I thought. I’m spending the next three days on a cramped bus, sleeping, eating and drinking with an alcohol mad savage bunch of party animals who probably have an average age of 21 and one thing on their befuzzled minds…

Too late. It was booked. 

Reluctantly I packed my suitcase, wondering if not for the first time if I’d needed the surplus contents. And suddenly the safety of the Island seemed very comforting. 

Sure enough the very next morning my Aunty delivered me directly into the hands of the Groovy Grape tour guide. His early morning enthusiasm was enough to make me dump my bags and run all the way back to the Island. 

But no such luck. I was aboard. The tour guide and I waved my Aunty off and my innate sarcasm kicked in. We were off to a great start.