Melbs the highlights

I spent a pleasant few days in Melbourne after I’d moved on from the hostel…

Highlights included;

  1. Coffee
  2. The heat wave -it got up to 42 degrees, wow that is hot. Not sure I’ve ever experienced such heat. Intense. Making it hard to do anything. 
  3. The hotel gym
  4. My friend from Adelaide coming to visit…but I’m not sure that I’m ready to tell that story yet
  5. Aquarium – I absolutely love an aquarium. I always have. They fascinate me and I find them very charming. I try to go to one in every big city I visit. Or small ones (see Croyde in North Devon)
  6. Cherry Bar – amazing live music 
  7. The rash on my arms and face developing into a more noticeable feature (more of a low light)
  8. Getting locked out of my nice new hotel, when I went to inspect the roof terrace and the door locked behind me. Shit! It was boiling and I had left my water inside. Fortunately the fire escape was open, so I ran down 15 flights of stairs, out the staff exit and onto the street! I returned back in through the front entrance and managed to explain my error to the kindly receptionist, who gave me another key!
  9. Flying to Sydney where it was raining. Such heavy rain I thought I was back in UK.