Answers on a postcard please…

I have been asking myself for a week if it’s worth carrying on with my blog…this blog.

I have been asking myself if it’s worth carrying on with anything at all, in all honesty!

I have been living here at my Mum’s for seven weeks now, I have been home for a total of five days. I need to get back to London but I am trapped, I can’t leave for good because there’s stuff to do here, my Dad’s business needs dealing with and my Mother won’t let me handle it without her peering over my shoulder asking inane questions and telling me she is going to do it herself…training 70 +’s – is the next blog chapter.

In my quest for sanity, I have been chasing a complimentary medicine answer, the kinnesiologist told me that there would be a lot of emotions, a lot of ‘things’ that grief would throw in my direction, so I may as well deal with it all at once, ‘why the hell not?’ I thought. I’m bloody game. There’s a definition for alternative medicine on the NHS website, complimentary alternative medicine – CAM!

Since my Dad died seven weeks ago today I have seen;

  1. A kinnesiologist
  2. Doctor
  3. holistic therapist
  4. chiropractor
  5. reflexologist
  6. pyscho dynamic therpaist

The holistic therapist was a disappointment at the time, we just had a very long chat, she was kind and very nice, and then she gave me these tiny weeny pills, like tiny little balls, which look harmless but mustn’t touch your skin! Ooh, how harmless can they be? I popped the first lot anyway, and didn’t expect to have results…

Five days later I was on an emotional roller coaster that would take me to the highs and lows of my darkest feelings – wow! It frightened me slightly but I got through it, although looking back now, it’s hard to say if it was all par for the course.Whether I would have felt such extremes anyway (am I due on my period or menstruating?) Hmm, no, no, I honestly think that this was homeopathic aggravation. I met a lady in the village here at my Mum’s who treats her rheumatoid arthritis entirely holistically. I know these people exist but I had never met one. I was mildly impressed, until she mentioned that she had had a a filling WITHOUT anaesthetic…nothing, none at all! WTF?! How? I asked her, now trying to hide my incredulation! “I take myself off the Seychelles” she said, “I just transport myself there, and I don’t feel the pain.”…WOW!

I’m starting to think there’s really something about this holistic stuff…one thing though   – I haven’t been to the Seychelles…worries_worried_face-300x300.png