Protein Twins

Turns out my worries about Groovy Grape were unfounded. Things have definitely changed…

Back in my day the youngsters would have been sat at the back of the bus secretly sipping on JD and vodka and loudly boasting to one another about their conquests from the previous night. 

Today’s youth are all too consumed with body image and themselves. Risking life and limb, and the patience of our long suffering tour guide – the man has the patience of a Saint – to hang off the edge of cliffs and jump about on rocks, in order to catch the perfect moment on camera…for social media, no doubt. It’s simply not enough to be having a good time anymore, unless your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers are aware then really what’s the point? 

‘Can we work out’? Said protein twin A or B, it was hard to tell which was which – they both had buff bods and bright orange shorts, only out shone by their bright orange tans. 

After their workout. Surely that’s when they’ll get on it, they’ll start drinking then I thought. Showing us old folks how it’s done…nope. Straight to bed. After five protein heavy plates of dinner, for their building muscles of course. I couldn’t believe it! 

Only me and the other two Brits enjoying a few rounds of goon before bed.